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GRANDCARE HOME HEALTH is here to assist you with both long-term or respite solutions, providing excellent and professionally trained staff for all your home health care needs.

Home Care Services


GRANDCARE HOME HEALTH offers home care services and solutions that allow our senior patients their independence and provide their loved ones with a sense of security and safety.  We welcome the opportunity to provide an in-home assessment of your needs and unique care requirements. 


Calling us today or filling out our Contact Us form will allow us to schedule an appointment for you to meet with one of our registered nurses and/or intake coordinators who can help you and your families develop a plan of care that best meet your needs in consultation with your personal physician.  Nursing and Therapeutic Services provided by registered care professionals at GRANDCARE HOME HEALTH, LLC are:















Skilled Nursing Care


This focuses primarily on the client and his or her medical needs. Skilled Nursing Care is provided by an RN or LVN who can do everything offered by a CNA/HHA:


  • Provide wound care (including dressing changes)

  • Diabetic teaching & monitoring

  • In-home blood draws and injections

  • Catheter care

  • Administer tube feedings and/or high-tech intravenous therapy

  • Medication set-up, administration, and management

  • Head-to-toe assessments

  • Maintain medical plans

  • Provide other nursing care as prescribed by a physician

  • Perform a Client Care Conference (assess, review, and discuss client’s plan of care and answer any questions the client or family may have)

  • Vital signs

  • Teaching on medical conditions and medications.

  • Call to learn more. 



Home Health Aide


This focuses primarily on the client and his or her personal needs. Personal Care is provided by a Certified Nursing Assistant or Home Health Aide:


  • Assist with “hands on” care, including bathing, dressing, skin, mouth and hair care

  • Measure temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure, intake and output of fluids (if necessary)

  • Assist with prescribed range of motion (ROM) exercises

  • Assist with prescribed ice cap or collar

  • Assist with the use of ambulation devices (wheelchair, walker, etc.)

  • Assist with the change of colostomy bag, reinforcement of dressing, etc.

HomeCare Connect™


HomeCare Connect™ is an “in-home call button” providing 24/7 connection, placing patients in touch with a Care Center to triage their request and provide them with the right care at the right time in the comfort of their home.   HomeCare Connect™ is designed to be used in ALL situations including health care inquires and beyond!  When button is pressed, there will be a 45 second period in which the unit will connect to the Care Center.  The Care Center Staff speaks with the patient and asks if he/she needs assistance.  Next steps are taken based on his/her response and established protocols, up to and including dispatch of emergency services.   


HomeCare Connect™ is just another example of how GRANDCARE separates itself from other health care providers in the DFW area and nationwide.



Physical Therapy


The Definition of Physical Therapy is the treatment of a physical dysfunction or injury by the use of therapeutic exercise and the application of modalities which are intended to restore or facilitate normal function or development.  This is also called physiatrics or physiotherapy.


The goal for your physical therapy is helping you gain or maintain mobility. Services include: evaluation, gait training, transfer training, home exercise program, therapeutic exercise, and more.



Occupational Therapy


This is a form of therapy in which patients are encouraged to engage in vocational tasks or expressive activities.  It is designed to help you regain your independence by performing daily activities by yourself.  You may learn new ways to eat, put on your clothes, or comb your hair.



Speech Therapy


After a stroke or accident, speech therapy can help you regain and strengthen your speech skills through exercise.  We treat speech defects and disorders through the use of exercises and audio visual aids that develop new speech habits. 

Skilled Nursing
Home Health Aide
HomeCare Connect
Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy



Do you or know someone who needs home health care? If you do and you want to make a difference in their life, please click on the referrals link and fill out the form.  
Your referral means so much to us as well as to those who end up receiving our care.
Your referral will not go unnoticed and more importantly is greatly appreciated.   Many people who might qualify do not know we can provide these services at no cost to them.  If they are not currently enrolled in Medicare we can also help them through the process.    
                                            THANK YOU 
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