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GRANDCARE HOME HEALTH - a leading provider of home health care serving the DFW area.

About GRANDCARE Home Health


"Peace of mind is invaluable - you cannot place a price on it!!  At GRANDCARE, we wish to extend the feeling of wellbeing and security not just to our patients but their loved ones as well.  Hence we differentiate ourselves by providing our patients with the SMARTCARE HOME CONNECT option.


Much more than a magic button or another fancy piece of technology - the application is extremely significant - nurses, emergency help, someone willing to listen to your concerns and speak with you- all at the touch of a button to connect fast!   We understand that speedy response times matter and that a few seconds can make a world of difference.  A responsible individual WILL answer when the button is pushed."


At GRANDCARE HOME HEALTH we offer professional and caring cutting edge services.  We specialize in allieviating and mitigating the stress that is so often associated with the changes onset by the aging process.  


It’s a fact that in today's world as we age, certain mental and physical activities become more and more arduous to perform. When we take into consideration other issues like dementia and Alzheimer's, it is becoming more and more evident that it is not safe to leave your family member unattended.  At GRANDCARE HOME HEALTH we provide affordable and reliable day-to-day services which ensures you will be able to keep your loved one at home and out of nursing or assisted care facilities as long as possible. We can provide a myriad of personal care and therapeutic services. Finally, our professionally and well trained clinical staff will always communicate clearly and in a timely manner with your medical professionals to guarantee that you or your loved one is getting the best medical services and treatment possible.  


Is there is anyone you love or know that needs medical care now or is not getting the best care possible? Our committed and caring professionals here at GRANDCARE are available right now to set up a time with you or your senior family member to provide a free home safety and security assessment.  We will also assist you with any Medicare questions, applications, or processes to ensure the services we provide to you are free of charge or are the most cost effective possible.


For more information contact us today at 469-779-6406





To participate as an active part of the community, in continuously improving the home health care needs of the patient by delivering value driven, high quality compassionate care.





We are committed to being the number one care provider in the DFW Metroplex for in home skilled nursing and therapeutic services.  We will provide unsurpassed, competent and professional care by over delivering on the results expected by our clients, their families, and leading the way for our industry colleagues to follow.  We will pave the way and set the precedent for assisting those who are frail and aged so that they may find true peace, joy, and happiness living in a safe and confident living environment in their own homes. We will engage in the practice of empowering our Clients and Caregivers to work in unison using creative solutions to solve problems arising from the aging process.  This commitment to you and our corporate culture will ensure your satisfaction and confidence that you or your loved ones will be recipients of the best possible care available in the home health industry today and forever moving forward.






It is our sincerest desire that you know how passionate we are about making life better for you and your loved ones! If you or someone you know is looking for home health care services in the DFW Metroplex, we are the people you can count on. We know that living an independent and hassle free life while in the comfort of your own home is paramount to your happiness and to experiencing the aging process with dignity and grace.  We provide our services with TLC and compassion while ensuring you or your loved one is not at risk.  It's about keeping those we serve safe, comfortable and confident in their own homes for as long as humanly and technologically possible.


GRANDCARE has developed a personalized, technologically advanced, and holistic approach to home health care services. This is evidenced by the HomeCare Connect™ product we offer you or your loved one as a client.  HomeCare Connect™ is an “in-home call button” providing you with a 24/7 connection, placing you in touch with your Care Center and our Caregivers to triage all your requests and provide you with the right care at the right time in the comfort of your home.  The  HomeCare Connect™  product is just another addition to excellence and professionalism offered by GRANDCARE


Thank you for considering our services, we are standing by and ready to deliver to you or your loved one the assistance and personalized attention that you deserve. Call us today for more information about our services:



GRANDCARE is also an environmentally concious company and we are strong supporters of going GREEN.  The world consumption of paper has grown 400 percent in the last 40 years. Now nearly 4 billion trees or 35 percent of the total trees cut around the world are used in paper industries on every continent.  This not only damages the environment but it is a huge cost to small and large companies alike annually.


We are proud to say that we are a completely paperless company and we have been fortunate enough to find an organization that specializes in the paper conversion process for any business needing to Go Green and save time and money while doing their part to help the environment.


If you or someone you know wants to go paperless please contact   We did and the savings are real and the ease of use is like the company's motto:   "It's a Piece of Cake!"



Do you or know someone who needs home health care? If you do and you want to make a difference in their life, please click on the referrals link and fill out the form.  
Your referral means so much to us as well as to those who end up receiving our care.
Your referral will not go unnoticed and more importantly is greatly appreciated.   Many people who might qualify do not know we can provide these services at no cost to them.  If they are not currently enrolled in Medicare we can also help them through the process.    
                                            THANK YOU
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